Nasarawa, Nigeria’s Home of Solid Minerals

Since 2011, Nasarawa State has embarked on an aggressive programme of modernization, centered on technical infrastructure build-up, so as to reduce factor costs and empower Nasarawans, as prescribed by current national and sub-regional strategy documents. Issues such as power and transportation for example are vital to all sectors of economic and social life. Much of the current challenges with the solid minerals sector nationally can be attributed to infrastructure, especially for larger transformation units and even power generation facilities based on Nigeria’s large coal deposits. Large-scale private investment has remained rare, leading the sector to remain small and underdeveloped, progressively losing its place as a share of GDP.

Key Solid Minerals Indicators for Nigeria:

  • 0.34% of Nigeria’ GDP in Q4 of 2011
  • Oil & Gas 14% of Nigeria’s GDP in 2011
  • Solid Minerals 9% of South Africa’s GDP in 2011
  • Nigerian deposits considered equal if not larger than South Africa’s
  • 100% of current exports in raw form

Recently, the Nasarawa state government has made efforts in tackling the rising poverty and unemployment situation through development of solid minerals and other natural resources possessed by the state. Mr. Samuel Meshi, Nasarawa State Commissioner for Science and Technology, delegated facilities and resources of the Nasarawa state Centre of Vocational and Relevant Technology Board (CVRTB) to become available for the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI). The facilities are to be utilized throughout the state’s mineral sector through the newly established Solid Minerals Machinery Equipment, Processing Development Institute (SOMMEDI).

Aerial and geophysical mapping of deposits still requires work at the State level

While speaking about the occasion, the Commissioner of Nasarawa State Ministry of Science and Technology stated “Nasarawa State, being the ‘Home of Solid Minerals” hopes to utilize the opportunity presented by the new institute to realize the dream of opening a new dawn in the nation’s quest to diversify revenue generation outside the oil sector”.


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